dressing spindle system MRDS 2010-V


The dressing spindle MRDS 2010-V has been developed for dressing ceramic-bonded CBN and diamond grinding wheels. It is easily retrofitted even on machines without rotary dressing technology. Provided with the appropriate dressing tools (silicon carbide or white aluminium oxide grinding wheels), the high-performance spindle system MRDS 2010-V also allows resin-bonded diamond and CBN wheels to be dressed reliably.

Standard equipment of the MRDS 2010-V includes a base plate for T-slot bolts, allowing its clamping base to be easily integrated into existing machine systems. Easy and versatile handling is also ensured by its overall size being smaller than the market standard.




Abmessungen MRDS 2010-V

Technical Data

Forward and backward rotation and two different speed ranges provide optimal adjustment to the dressing task at hand. An overview of the technical data and applications of the two MRDS 2010-V variants is given below.

Spindle type I

Speed range: 100-3600 RPM (for diamond dressing rolls and ceramic dressing wheels please observe: max. speed 35 m/sec).
Application: Dressing of ceramic diamond & resin bond wheels.
Tool holding fixture: 40H4 or customised.
Supply voltage: 4-10.5 V/DC
Torque: 1.8 Nm

Spindle type II

Speed range: 2700-9700 RPM (for diamond dressing rolls)
Application: Dressing of ceramic CBN and diamond wheels.
Tool holding fixture: 40H4 or customised.
Supply voltage: 4-10.5 V/DC
Torque: 1,8 Nm

Power supply unit

Power output: 230 V / AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power input: max. 460 VA
Output voltage: 3-11 V
Max. output current: 25 A
Power cable length: approx. 2.5 m, oil resistant
Weight approx. 2.6 kg
Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 240 (W x H x D)


The MRDS 2010-V is a very-high-performance system of compact dimensions, suitable for use with a wide variety of dressing rolls. Our VOLUTO* dressing rolls provide an ideal platform for introducing rotary dressing. Easy, practical handling allows the system to be fully operational in no time. *Patent application: 10 2009 004 761.1-14


The following recommendations are meant to help you protect your warranty claims: Keep the device in a dry place. Protect it from atmospheric precipitations, humidity and any kind of liquids as these may contain minerals that will corrode the electronic circuits. Do not use, or keep, the device in dusty or dirty environments. Movable parts and electronic components could be damaged.