Fast und accurate polishing. These are Mössner Pressing Diamonds.

After long research and development, we are proud to introduce the fast Moessner pressing diamond process.


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It is not possible to cut steel with a mono diamond. The carbon atoms of the steel combine with the cutting edge of the diamond and tarnishe it.


The workpiece is pre-machined with a carbide or CBN tool and then "planished" with Moessner-Pressing-Diamonds. 


Due to the unique pressing-result it is often possible to leave off the polishing process. Using our Pressing-Diamond-system is a tremendous time saver.

Mössner-Pressing-Diamonds in detail

Not every material can be cut with mono diamond. For example it is not possible to cut steel. The carbon atoms of the steel combine with the cutting edge of the diamond and tarnishe it.

We have managed to overcome this chemical barrier by pre-machining the steel with a carbide or CBN tool. The steel is then smoothed with a spherical cap of mono-diamond. With this method, polishing times are greatly reduced. Sometimes it is not necessery to plish after using our Pressing-Diamond because of the good pressing result.

The pressing tool can be used directly after the turning process without taking the workpiece off the mashine. Die base support of the Pressing-Diamonds can be mounted directly in the turret. The contact force is linearly generated over the respective infeed. The surface of the workpiece is polished by the Pressing-Diamond and the bearing ratio increases.


By participating in the European project "Easitap" our practical experience has been scientifically proven.

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For pre-processing is ideally suited Moessner CBN tools.




We would be happy to work with you to think through your production process and find effective optimization.