HärteprüferWe manufacture our hardness testing diamonds according to the current standards for the Rockwell, Vickers and Knoop systems. Only the highest quality natural diamonds are fitted into the tools. We use appropriate sized diamonds matched to pre-set holder geometry and load ranges. External improvements in geometry are made on a regular basis in the test offices responsible, which also issue any certificates necessary for the respective tools. In addition to these impartial controls, we carry out our own internal tests and in this way guarantee the high demands placed on these diamonds. Below you can see an extract of the current types available on the market and their order numbers. We will be glad to supply other holder shapes and special tools. In addition, we offer a repair service for your tools, depending on the degree of damage.


  • Alle Werkzeuge werden auf Wunsch mit amtlichem Prüfzeugnis (Aufpreis) geliefert.
  • Verschiedene Haltermaterialien für spezielle Einsatzgebiete.
  • Sonder-Radien und Winkel nach Absprache.
  • Ritzindenter zur Oberflächenhaftungsprüfung