For more than 40 years, Mößner Diamantwerkzeuge has been manufacturing diamond tools for a wide variety of applications. Day after day, products made by Mößner give proof of their high performance in the dressing of grinding wheels. In line with the company’s philosophy, these tools meet even the highest customer requirements in terms of quality, precision and performance. Now, in 2012, the broad range of stationary dressing tools is extended to include rotary dressing tools as well. An entirely new concept for a dressing roll was created on the basis of our know-how from various company departments, in cooperation with a partner. Depending on its structure, this new dressing roll is suited for delicate, but also highly-abrasive dressing processes. The name VOLUTO* stands for this entirely innovative structural concept. The increasing use of ever more powerful conventional grinding wheels and an increasing share of CBN grinding wheels motivated us to get into the manufacture of these rotary dressing rolls. You, too, will be convinced by the options that this new generation of CVD diamond dressing rolls has in store.

* Patent application: 10 2009 004 761.1-14



Getting into the Voluto world is easy. For a start, only the test report for the dressing roll used so far is required to check geometric feasibility. Following the feasibility study, the customer will be requested to supply further selective data.



For a potential first use of a dressing roll, we offer you the retrofittable, very compact MRDS 2010-V (figure on the left) and the MRDS 40: two ideal dressing spindles which are also optimally suited for use with a Voluto roll.

Overall concept

Three years ago, together with a partner, we developed the idea of integrating key benefits of stationary dressing tools into an innovative dressing roll. The aim was to realise a rotating, 360° continuous and homogeneous CVD diamond thick film, which is the core of the new generation of VOLUTO rolls. The spotlike dressing zone of our stationary dressing tools is thus distributed over the 360 degrees of a dressing roll. A first glance of a Voluto roll reveals that in addition to the 360 degrees continuous black CVD diamond material, an entirely different substrate structure has entered the realm where steel used to be the common substrate for conventional rolls. A combination of steel and brass ensures high positioning accuracy, low tendency for vibrations and optimal temperature management.



Operating within the technical boundaries of the Voluto concept, the Voluto roll structure offers advantages over several variants of the conventional rolls. For instance, by choosing the layer width of the CVD diamond ring between 0.3 and 1.1mm for straight dressing of a wheel outside diameter, it is possible to specify the degree of coverage best suited for the respective grinding wheel grain size with regard to the existing dressing parameters. Given that the degree of coverage, or the CVD diamond layer thickness, does no change even under wear conditions, a Voluto roll can be used continuously over the entire useful range of 3 to 4mm without the need to regrind the dressing roll (Fig. 1). After the official market launch of the Voluto rolls, we will be able to offer our customers an interesting alternative in the field of dressing rolls, keeping in line with our slogan “Ideas made of diamond”.